Friday, May 31, 2013

Indian Mango (Philippines)

This is what we call an Indian Mango, usually during summer time mangoes are abundant in the Philippines because it’s a season of mangoes and its tree usually bear fruits at its peak during this time. In tagalog we call them “Mangga” and you can find many varieties of mangoes in the Philippines and Indian Mango is one of my favorites.

This mango is actually not commercially popular but most of houses in provinces have this tree at their backyard. Even in our very own backyard my mother had planted Indian Mango and every harvest we sometimes sell them to our local market.  The tree also gave us a little shade and cools the surrounding even during summer.  They say, it will take about 7 years before its tree will bear fruits so if you want to have one planted on your backyard you should start now.

The good thing about Indian Mango is that its taste is not so much sour and it’s enjoyable to eat this fruit while it’s just turning ripe or even while it’s still green. (image courtesy of Kalapaw).

We usually peel its skin, slice into stripes, and eat them by putting a little amount of salt, or using “bagoong” (fermented fish or shrimps and salt)... enjoy!!

What can you say about Indian Mango?

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