Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bangkang Papel

Bangkang Papel, If you are a pinoy I’m sure you can relate to what I wrote. Yes, “Bangkang Papel” is a tagalog term of “Paper Boat”.  Bangka which means Boat and Papel is a paper. (Photo:siamea)

As you know, Philippines comprises thousands of islands and several places are near the river.  When it rains so tough (in places near the river, especially in provinces) there are times where these rivers overflow.  In 1990s we are not afraid even waters would come inside our house because we knew in several minutes it would subside. Back in those days, we still have plenty of tress all around the town that would sip the waters and prevent the land from causing landslide.

Here I come again, being so environmentally inclined, but hewhhh… I really like to go back to those times where we had plenty of fresh air to breath and rivers were so clean.  I am not saying that our rivers are not anymore clean, what I mean is that you cannot compare anymore the way we had enjoyed the environment back in that time than today.

Anyway, back to our discussion about the Bangkang Papel, the reason why I included that second paragraph because without water we could not play a Bangkang Papel and also I just want to reminisce my childhood experiences about our town.  Since we are just near the river (not so deep river) we used to play our Bangka there.

My friends and I were using a plain paper and would fold them until we got the shape of the Bangka (of course we would make it sure that the paper would float).  Sometimes, we would write a message on a paper before making them a bangka (something like, if someone reads it, it’s his/her destiny to know whatever we wish on that bangka’s journey).

It was very relaxing while the “Bankang Papel” is travelling following the force of the water. Some of the Bangka(s) would submerge easily as soon as we put them in the water, but some are so strong that won’t get easily wet and would survive its journey.  It was so fun having such kind of time playing a non-expensive game and a day would pass so peacefully.

You can leave your comments here, Do you also have some experiences playing the Bangkang Papel?


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