Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is a Bakya?

When you say “Bakya” to a pinoy, first thing that would come out in our mind is a kind slipper (footwear) and that is correct.  Because “Bakya” is a hand-made wooden clogs commonly used by Filipinos back in 1950s and even in 1990s.  The production of “Bakya” degraded when the rubber-made slippers were introduced in the market.

My grandmother used to have this “Bakya” as her footwear fashion, because the good thing with its design, Bakya could be used in all kinds of events whether you would attend a party or any cultural presentations that time.

You could know from far distant that someone is wearing a “Bakya” because of its sound.  The way it hits the ground, a sound coming from the toe area would create an echo so it’s obvious that someone is coming near you.

One of the good qualities of “Bakya” aside from its use is its make.  Since this footwear is made of a wood, it is environmental friendly; if someone throws it away it will decay without harming our planet.

How Bakya is made?
This footwear is made from local light wood like santol and laniti. It is cut to the desired foot size before being shaven until smooth. The side of the bakyâ is thick enough to be carved with floral, geometric or landscape designs. Afterwards, the bakyâ could then be painted or varnished. Uppers of plastic or rubber will then be fastened using clavitos (tiny nails) and the bakyâ is now ready to wear.

Don’t be confused!
Someone (a pinoy) would also think different if he/she hears a word “Bakya”.  Because sometimes this word is used by Filipinos to denote something that is of "low-class", "unsophisticated" or "cheap".

What do you remember about Bakya?  Leave us your comments about your experiences using this footwear.


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