Saturday, January 19, 2013

What is a Taho?

TAHOOOOOO… This is the usual word that you could hear every morning from a man selling “TAHO”.  He is shouting the word TAHO with prolong “O” sound at the end to attract common customer’s attention.  A man is carrying on his shoulder a wooden (made from bamboo) thick stick where its two ends has a hanged large container made of aluminum material.  The containers are different in size and are designed to fit the basic ingredients of TAHO such as Sago, Caramelized Sugar (arnibal), Taho, plastic caps, and two types of spoons for scooping Taho and its ingredients.

Where is really TAHO made from? Well, if you know a TUFO which is made from ground bean, TAHO can be considered as the softer version of TUFO.  The Vendor would process making Taho early in the morning before sunrise.  The process involves cooking the Taho to obtain the right consistency of its flesh until it turns out like custard.  Then making arnibal will be also processed, as well as boiling pearl sago.  After cooking, the vendor could now sell his product to local neighborhood shouting again the most recognized word in the morning “TAHOOOOOO”.

Taho actually is a comfort food that can be found all over the Philippines.  Taho is traditionally served warm and a customer it is enjoyed either with a spoon, sipping it with a straw, or by simply slurping it straight from the cup.


  1. Hi IamPinoyPi,

    Nice article here pero unfortunately, the picture was grabbed from my blog

    The guy on the picture is Mang Rudy.

    As a blogger, we should respect other posts and articles if we want to grab pictures or contents by asking permission from the owner or giving due credits to them.

    Maraming salamat po,

    Cebuanawithlove (Weng)




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