Sunday, March 31, 2013


Saranggola, photo courtesy reichelbee
Many of younger generations nowadays seem not having experience in making “saranggola”. If you may ask what is a “Saranggola”, it is a tagalog term for a “Kite”. I said that first statement because I can see from children these days that they are mostly playing only inside the comfort of their homes and in front of the computer. I asked my nephew if he knew how to make saranggola but he was like a bit confused of what saranggola means. So I taught him how to make one and he was so happy.

I want to share my thoughts and experiences when I was a kid. Back in our early years, my eldest brother and I used to make “Saranggola” using materials which are highly available in our backyard. With just having, walis ting-ting sticks, a page taken from a newspaper, glue, a thin nylon, and a scissors you can already build one for you.

It’s fun making a Kite because you could understand the concept of the design. You are not only having fun but you are also using your brains to calculate and to become innovative. Most of our designs were successful and from making many kinds of saranggola we had created bigger designs and using colorful paper covering. I remember the famous tagalog song with these words “matayog ang lipad ng saranggola ni Pepe” which makes me think of our childhood activities hehehe..

Do you also have some experiences in making saranggola, please don’t hesitate to share them here, please leave your comments below.


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