Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kangkong (add some green leafy veges)

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If you want to add some green leafy veges on your diet, why don’t you try the “Kangkong”. For easy cooking, Kangkong is the best vegetable that you can use and it has a neutral taste that can be paired with any kind of sauce. 

What is a “Kangkong”? There are actually many names attributed to Kangkong in english language, some say it is a water spinach and others call it as water morning glory. This vegetable is usually growing in a watery soil and it is easily spreading.

You can cook its leaves by steaming them with water and just prepare a sauce made of mixed soy sauce and calamansi. If you want to cook it like adobe style, you will need to chop some onions and garlic and with a little oil on a pan, saute’ all of the basic ingredients and add the Kangkong leaves, now put some soy sauce and add some vinegar. You could also put a little amount of sugar for a bit of sweetness on its taste. It is best to be paired with fried fish.

The best use of this veges in Filipino cuisine is an ingredient in cooking sinigang. Whether it’s fish, pork, or beef, Kangkong is always a perfect green leafy vegetable for this recipe.
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