Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chocnut or Choconut (a delicious Pinoy delicacy)

Do you like to eat "Choconut", a deliciously flavored mixed of cocoa, milk, sugar, and peanut...we Pinoys call it a "Choconut" or "Chocnut".

I know most of our kababayans working abroad and those who permanently migrated in other parts of the world are likely missing this amazing blend of cocoa and peanut. I guess nowadays this product is already exported and so Filipino supermarkets have this available in their stores.

This is one of my favorite candies when I was in elementary because it's like a slightly hardened pulvoron. My sister and I would always have a stock of this in our bag (hehehe) just to make sure that we would not get hungry. Recess time was so always interesting, thinking that chocnut would always be part of my snack.

The texture of chocNut is not dense nor sticky like most chocolate candy bars. It doesn't melt, not greasy, and it will never get hard when put in a refrigirator. It is delicate and it crumbles easily once you opened its packaging. But of course it won't break apart easily like a powdered choco because it's slightly hard (by manufacturing process, it runs into a press machine). This is truly a pinoy delicacy that became part of Filipino food culture.

What do you remember eating "chocnut", please share your experiences here.


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